Tuesday, October 19, 2010

clampetts storm lake powell, day one

After a long drive, we met the houseboat in Bullfrog and climbed aboard.  Chris and Amy had spent the previous week on the boat with their family (with perfect weather, of course!) and were just going home.  Shawn and Kelsey had been with them for the past few days and stayed overnight with us until we scared them off the next afternoon.  By the time we got loaded and headed out, it was getting to be late afternoon.  Shawn took the wheel, and we headed down the channel to find the campsite Chris and Amy had discovered.   Before long, it was completely dark.

As we turned into the narrow canyon where we would be staying, the kids got a little nervous.  It was their first time at Lake Powell, and I'm sure everything seemed so big and massive!   From their vantage point on the top deck, they weren't quite sure how Uncle Shawn was going to maneuver this big boat through such a narrow opening, especially in the dark!

At one particularly hairy turn, Ryenne looked at me and asked, "Mom, what helps you calm down the best when you are really nervous?"

"Prayer," I answered.

Without missing a beat, Ryenne added, "Yeah, I was thinking that.  Either that or chocolate, don't you think?" 

Pretty soon, there were six children huddled in prayer on top of that houseboat.

With the exception of one little bump (good thing those boats are made tough!), we made it safe and sound. 

After a warm dinner, we all agreed that it is very nice to camp with a few modern conveniences!  Soon, we settled our tired bunch into bed underneath the stars on the deck of the houseboat.  All was quiet when Dallan (age 10) called out, "Mom?  Can I take off my life jacket now?"

We laughed ourselves to sleep.

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