Monday, October 11, 2010

my bigger little brother

Happy Birthday Shawn!  I doubt you'll read this, but I've been thinking about you all day.

I may be older, but you've always been my big brother.  Big laughs, big personality, and a big heart.

The way I figure it, we must have been standing next to each other in heaven.  It seems to me that when the time came for us to line up for our goods, you must have pulled a fast one.  Turns out you ended up with all the fun and I walked away with the leftovers. 

For instance, I've always admired the way you can strike up a conversation with anyone.  I have a hard time just saying hello.  You always have a few good jokes up your sleeve, always good for a laugh.   Me?  I can't ever remember the punch line.  You have friends the world over.  (Doesn't matter where we go, you always know someone.  It's amazing!)  My circle has always been rather small.  You're just getting warmed up for a good party as I'm climbing into bed.  And when someone gets in a pinch, I can betcha they won't be calling me.  People know they can count on you.  That's a gift, pure and simple.

People just plain like you.

Me too, actually.  In fact, despite the fact that your basket full of talents left me in bit of a lurch, I like you a lot.

I admire you.  I look up to you.  And it's not 'cause you're a good foot taller than I am.  (Turns out that having the corner on the market in the personality aisle wasn't quite enough.  You had to steal everything in the height department too.) 

Did I mention you always walk away from the sun with a golden tan while I wind up with an extra smattering of freckles?  The list goes on. . .

Happy Birthday Bigger Brother.  I love you.


Trisha said...

Happy Birthday Shawn! I know what Kelly means about having a big-little brother. You sure have grown up since I used to hang out at your house. Have a good one!!

Darcie said...

Happy Birthday to Shawn! What a sweet tribute.