Wednesday, October 20, 2010

clampetts storm lake powell, day two

We woke to sunshine the next morning, and the kids quickly made their way across the canyon to "Lizard Island" to explore.  Soon, they had found some small cliffs to climb and jump off.  The day had begun in style!  Before long, the Stosich family arrived and the kids were delighted to see more cousins.

Later that afternoon, we piled into boats and went exploring a few nearby canyons.  A boat ride always seems to be the best place for naps.

The kids were in awe at all the sights.  Even though I've been to Lake Powell many times, it never gets old. 

If you haven't been there I suggest you remedy that and "Get thee hence!" as soon as possible.

Later that night, the kids couldn't resist a few friendly competitions.  Arm wrestling and leg wrestling were the games of the day.  Kye was the champion arm wrestler among all the boy cousins, but may or may not have been defeated by his Aunt Nan. 

In the end, Emmy showed him a thing or two anyway. 

As you can imagine, it didn't take much to get everyone to bed.  So much fun. . .so much tired.  We all climbed into bed just in time.  Because pretty soon? 

The rains came down and the floods came up.

Our family and the Stosich gang were snuggled up in our separate tents.  Everyone else, however, decided to sleep under the stars again.  Courtney was a bit leery of the impending clouds and warned the adventurers that it might get ugly.  When they were determined to brave it out, he told them that if it started to rain, they could just throw the mattresses and blankets into our tent (it's big!) and head downstairs. 

It wasn't long before it started to sprinkle.  And then drizzle.  We laid awake wondering when the zipper would come flying open.  Before long, the rain was coming down steady.

Courtney unzipped the tent flap and kindly asked, "You wanna call it a night?"

"Nah,we'll give it another ten or fifteen minutes," was Ronnie's answer.  (We're kinda known for our determination.)

Just after Courtney climbed back in bed, the rain started to get heavier.  Pitter, patter, plop!  Before long, it sounded like a steady downpour. 

Courtney was soon back at the zippered flap.  "You ready yet?"

Finally, they caved.  Good thing, too.

That storm wasn't going anywhere.

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