Thursday, October 14, 2010

movie night with daddy

A few weeks ago, I scheduled Friday haircuts with Aunt Kelsey for all of the girls (with the exception of me).  I was badly overdue for a cut and hoping for a color but just couldn't find a time to get it done when Courtney would be home to watch the girls.  However, when he ended up getting home from Moab a little earlier than expected, I hijacked the appointment.  (My hair was in pretty bad shape, Okay?  And we all agree the girls look cute no matter what, right?)  Happily, I left everyone to his care and headed for a few hours of me time.  (I first typed the words "girl time", but then realized I get a lot of girl time, not so much me time!)

I had a super evening chatting with Kelsey while she made me pretty.  We decided to go a little darker with my color, but when she was styling it after the cut we were both a bit disappointed it didn't change as much as we'd hoped.  As I was her last appointment for the day, she suggested that we just do it again.  I guess I was enjoying my time off so much I didn't even think to call Courtney, who I'd scheduled a hot date with following my haircut.  As I was leaving in the dark, I realized I'd been gone over six hours!  I looked at my phone to call Court and tell him I was on my way when I had to laugh at the text message he'd sent a few hours earlier. 

It read, "Are you alive?"

When I called him, the first thing he said is, "I was just wondering if Kelsey cut each hair individually!"
We had a good laugh.

When I got home, he  and the girls were settled in for a movie night.  Curlers in the hair, p.j's, and dad's famous popcorn. . .it doesn't get any better.

I sat down by Courtney on the couch to chat for a while.  When I looked over at him, I had to smile when I saw this:

Pretty sneaky, eh?  Football on the headphones, face toward the movie. 

Turns out we just had a hot date at home that night.  I really love this guy.

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