Monday, October 11, 2010


I awoke early this morning.  Earlier than the little ones, that is.  I laid in bed for a while before I wrestled myself onto my knees to say the first prayer of my day.  Then I climbed right back under the warm covers to have a little time with my scriptures.
I don't do this everyday, but my best ones almost always begin this way.

As I read, I contemplated the opportunity that is mine.

I wake each morning with a clean slate.  A whole day of my design.  I am the architect that decides how I will build each moment.  Not only of my life, but of four little ones whose lives are in many ways molded by my choices. 

Some days it feels like a burden.  Overwhelming, discouraging.  Even frightening.

But today?  My life is a blessing. 

This very moment, and the ones that will follow are of my making.  I may not choose what comes my way, but I do choose what to make of it.  I choose how I respond.  I choose to turn away or to embrace.  I make my day.  And what do I make of it?  If I am wise, I will spend it doing those things that matter.  This moment in my life is a time to love.  A time to build.  A time to be faithful.  My opportunity is to prepare little minds.  To fortify and strengthen.  To labor for the welfare of those I love.  To be firm to that which I believe to be true. 

As I do these things, making our home a refuge amidst the goings on of our lives, I know that a loving Heavenly Father is watching over me.  Protecting me and mine.  Preparing us and warning us against danger and helping us to prosper amidst the storms of life.  I find hope in knowing that He has a plan for me, and that as I strive to do my best he will strengthen me where I am weak.

This is joy.  This is peace.  This is a heart full of thanksgiving. 

This Is A Time To Be Happy.

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Darcie said...

I really loved this Kelly... especially the part about how my decisions can largely affect my kids' lives. Scary and exciting realization.