Friday, August 9, 2013

thank you, miss frederick

Last April, Ryenne and Emmy's ballet teacher, Miss Frederick, closed her studio.  The girls have both taken since they were in kindergarten.  Instead of a formal recital this year, she invited parents and grandparents to come and watch a class.  Although she has always had very high expectations for the girls, she has been very good to us, and has taught the girls so much about discipline, confidence in themselves, and good posture (can't forget that!).  She was always picking up little trinkets (remember the old fashioned leg warmers, Ryenne?) and recording old black and white Shirley Temple movies for the girls.  (She always said that every girl should have a Shirley Temple collection!)  She is known for her old fashioned values and high expectations.  We will miss her.
Yesterday we registered the girls in a new studio.  Ryenne has been telling me the last few months how excited she is to start ballet again.  "I can't stop thinking about it!"  It will be fun to see where the next few years takes my little ballerinas.  In fact, Claire has been waiting to turn 5 for years, as that is the magic age our kids get to start an activity of their choice.  Of course, she couldn't wait to take ballet.  It's official.  (She will practically be professional in a few months!)

After Ryenne's class, Claire (who had to dress the part to be in the audience, of course) received some tutoring from sweet Miss Frederick.  She felt so special, and was trying so hard to do everything just right.  Can't wait to see her love learning in class this year!

I've always loved the way the girls are required to curtsy at the end of class.  In unison, they say "thank you, Miss Frederick" and "thank you, Miss Chrisman" (the pianist).  As I look back on their long years of service to my girls, I feel like doing a curtsy of my own. 

"Thank you, Miss Frederick!  Thank you Miss Chrisman!"

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