Saturday, August 31, 2013

summer days at the farm


Here are a few more pictures of our summer days at the farm.  The girls had fun collecting eggs, chasing peacocks, panning for gold, and showing people around.  I had to laugh when, one afternoon I was in the farmhouse kitchen and here came Claire and her two new "friends".  She was giving quite the tour.  She came barrelling through the door with them close behind, with her talking a million words per minute.  She pointed as she talked, "And this is the stove, that's the warmer where they cooked the babies, this is the where we start the fire, that's the I don't know, that's the I don't know. . . ."  The man and his wife (who were visiting from Germany and spoke just a little English, just looked at me and smiled.  "She is a brilliant guide!" he said. 

Of course, I had to watch out the window after they left the farmhouse.  She continued her tour, showing them the chicken coup, the summer kitchen, and then giving them a detailed lesson on how to laundry by hand.  She couldn't reach the clothes line to hang up the shirts she had just washed, so she made several attempts at chucking them up and over, hoping they caught on the line at some point.  If nothing else, she was good entertainment.  When I went outside to rescue her sweet new friends, they asked me to get a picture with their favorite tour guide.

Claire also met Jack the donkey this summer.  Supposedly, he was kept as a pet inside a ladies house (!) and has a fondness for little girls.  It was pretty crazy to watch the two of them when  Claire went inside his pen.  He would come over and snuggle right up to her, and stay that way as long 'til she left.  Pretty cute.

We were excited when Aunt Kelsey and Gray came to visit, along with Aunt Kerri and her boys.  The girls had a great time showing them around.  I think it just happened to be the hottest day we have ever spent at the farm, so we were all melting!  It was so fun to have some familiar faces!

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