Friday, August 9, 2013

an afternoon with grandma great

This past spring, Sam and I had a chance to spend an afternoon at Grandma Great's house.  Not too long after she moved into an assisted living center, so it was fun to come across these pictures.  She was so patient and cute with Sam all day, and the picture of the two of them is a treasure.  We sure love Grandma Great.
I had to laugh at Sam though.  Some repairmen were there at Grandma's house to fix the water heater.  She was getting quite agitated, feeling like they might need her help, and so I closed the door so she wasn't continually worried.  Sam was dying to get in there to see all the tools and goings-on!  I laughed when he laid down on the floor so he could try to see any action through the tiny crack under the door.  100% boy!

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