Wednesday, August 21, 2013

little ballerina

Yesterday Claire went to ballet class for the first time.  Officially, that is.  (She has been a student in our imaginary, sister-taught classes for years!)  "Real" ballet classes are a major deal- she's been waiting to be a "big girl" (five years old is the magic age at our house) for a looooooong time!  She woke up at sunrise for her big day, and was so excited for 4:00 to roll around.  She's even been praying for the past week or so that she will learn everything she needs to learn at ballet.  Her excitement has been contagious and we've all become excited to see her dance her little heart out in a real ballet class.

When the magic hour finally rolled around, she looked as cute as can be in her little black leotard, pink tights and tiny blond bun.  I walked her in, helped her find a bin for her things, get her slippers on, and then left her in Miss Michelle's care.

When I arrived at the studio at the end of class, I watched as Claire came out with the hugest smile on her face.  I helped her take off her ballet slippers and replace them with sandals.  And then?  I was lucky enough to see one of those moments.  You know the kind.  One of those magical little moments that imprints on your memory so you can tuck it away in a special place in your heart.  I like to pull those little moments out and relive them on those days when I need something to smile about. 

Claire walked close to her teacher and asked in a quiet little voice, "Miss Michelle?"

Her sweet teacher got down on her knees so she could look right into her eyes.  "Yes, Claire?" 

With that reassurance, Claire threw her arms around Miss Michelle and gave her a big bear hug.  Then, snuggled into her neck she said, "I love your ballet class."

So happy that little Miss Claire finally gets to be a real ballerina.

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