Thursday, August 15, 2013

another year of school in the books

 (Kate and Mr. Esplin: first of year, end of year. . .not sure why she's wearing a mustache?)

The girls had a great year this past year.  Sadly Ryenne won't let me go to her school and take pictures with her teachers anymore. (Really, Ryenne I don't think it would be that embarrassing at all to have me come and stage a picture with all fifteen plus teachers you have during a year.  I think we should give it a go this year?)  And I did have to make several trips to the elementary school to get pictures with Kate and Emmy.  BUT.  Here they are.  I like to take one on the first day and another on the second so I can see how they've grown.


 (Emmy's teacher was out at the first of the year with a new baby, and so she got two 2nd grade teachers!)

Kate was awarded the "Cougarette Award".  Neither of us is sure exactly what that means, but I know Kate so I know it means that she is really cool.  A very good student, and an all around nice gal- that's our Kate.
Of course, I couldn't help but get one last picture of Kate and her fourth grade teacher, Miss Litchford.  She is amazing and Kate loves her.  Even though Kate wasn't in her class this year, they continued to tease and prank eachother.  The last week of school, Miss L filled Kate's desk shredded paper and smelly air fresheners and wrapped the whole thing in saran wrap.  Kate loved it, of course.  To get her back, Kate and her friends gave Miss L's car a "heart attack".  They even had uncle Shawn and Grandpa (being in the car business, they are really good at breaking and entering when it comes to vehicles!) come and break into her car hide super smelly car fresheners under the seats  (Kate's uncles informed her that "pine tree" is the worse and even donated a stack to the cause).  However, when they told the girls the alarm was going to go off  as soon as the door was opened the girls threw them in and bolted.  I'm thinking they don't have much of a future in crime. 
Once the alarm went off, the principal played his part by going to Miss L's class and informing her that someone must of tried to break into her car.  Of course, she was alarmed (sorry, couldn't help myself), and ran to her car!  Miss L was a great sport about it and came into their class and got down  on her knees and bowed down to the girls, telling them they were the queens of practical jokes.  She even left all the hearts on her car for a few days and Kate loved it when we saw her driving through town in her "heartmobile"!
The girls also gave Miss L a big bottle of her beloved Diet Dr. Pepper, however they had swapped the soda with prune juice.  She could tell the lid had been tampered with, and had a good laugh when she realized what they'd done.  Those girls make me chuckle.

(Miss Kate at 5th grade graduation.  Holy smokes, the years are flyin' by.)

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