Monday, October 1, 2012

the wo-jo's hit southern utah

In July, we spent part of a week in Southern Utah with the Wo-Jo (Wood/Jones) family for our annual reunion.  Needless to say, we had a GREAT time!  Uncle Nate and Aunt Shelly were in charge, and chose a beautiful cabin that the T&L gang sometimes stays in when they work in Monticello.  The kids were in heaven playing with their cousins and exploring.  The only bummer about the reunion was that the Harris family couldn't come on account of Aunt Alyssa having a baby (seriously, what kind of an excuse is that?).  We also missed Grandma Jones, who was quite sure she needed to stay to cuddle Baby Ethan! 

A favorite outing was taking a little hike to some Indian ruins.

Aunt Haylee and Emmy.  (We are sure Emmy could have been Aunt Haylee's daughter!)

We also drove into Bluff, the town founded by the Hole-In-The-Rock pioneers.  We explored the Bluff Fort and had a picnic.  It was so hot outside, and Shelly and I had to laugh when we took Bridger and Claire into the bathroom and had a hard time pulling them away from the hand dryers when they realized it did a pretty good job of cooling them off!

The kids were pretty excited to find out that one of the pioneer's names was Samuel Wood!

We ended the day by checking out the Four Corners, which the kids thought was pretty neat-o.  Especially all the "real" Indians they got to see selling their goods.  I think they could have spent a million bucks on the treasures they found there.

(I can't remember what Claire had in mind with this marker incident, but I do remember it was done with a permanent marker!)

One evening we drove to a nearby reservoir and let the kids play around a bit.  The plan was to let them go fishing, but that didn't prove too successful.  They did, however, find a bunch of crayfish and thought that was the coolest thing EVER!  Despite the rain, they had a blast!

Getting ready to go fishing.   (Oh, my. . . me thinks that guy is good lookin'!)

Our last adventure was spending the afternoon at Lake Powell.  We found a great little place to spend the afternoon.  Everyone, adults and children alike had a perfect afternoon playing in the sand, swimming, and jumping off cliffs.   As always, Lake Powell was a hit!



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