Tuesday, October 16, 2012

i just have to laugh

In the last hour, Emmy threw up- forcing me to cancel her little piano performance at her "mini-musicale" (and she had actually practiced this week!  The shame!).  Instead, I ran Kate to her piano lesson, and should have listened better as Claire rolled around in the backseat, moaning about her stomach hurting.  She had refused to eat lunch today because cheetos were not on the menu, so I just figured. . .well, it doesn't matter now anyway.  That's because before I realized I should have listened to her, she started throwing up.  I'm pretty sure she threw up a gallon or so.  It was so stinky that I had to roll down all the windows so I didn't join her.  And ever since she threw up, she's been sneezing and every time she does, more throw-up comes out her nose.  Kind if hilarious, if I do say so myself. 

(I know, it's gross- but I've never seen anything like that before in all my 12+ years at this cleaning-up-throw-up gig!)

Oh, and in between the two throwing-up episodes, Sam just happened to call 9-1-1.  Which means that police came to my door mid-chaos.  You know, just to make sure we were all okay and alive and such.  Hopefully we presented a believable picture.  I suppose it must have been.  Enough that Miss Police Officer called and cancelled the panic button at the station, anyway.  What is the luck that those numbers would roll off his chubby little fingers?  I'm thinking Sam the Man is our lucky-ticket-to-win-the-lottery kid. 

Courtney called just as I was cleaning up the car and I had to tell him that too-bad for him.  Cuz he was missing all the excitement, you know. 

I just have to say there are some days that go so differently than what I had planned that I just have to laugh right out loud. 

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