Monday, October 1, 2012

kate is a rock star

One thing that is really awesome about Kate is for the most part, she is very easy going and easy to please.  She makes my life so much easier on crazy days!  For instance, when I was going through all of our pictures, I saw this one for her fourth grade program.  She had been looking forward to her program for months and was so excited when she got a speaking part!  Even better, she got to dress up as an Indian!  I was excited too, because we already had a great Indian costume that she had worn a few years earlier for Halloween.  The week before her program, she kept reminding me that we needed to get down the costume box so we could find her costume.  Thinking I could find it in a snap, I kept putting her off.  Finally, the morning of her program, I got into the costume box- dismayed as I remembered that half of her costume had been borrowed from Aunt Kerri!  Knowing there was no way we could get it in time, and feeling sick that I had messed up her big day, I admitted what I had done to Miss Kate. 

I shouldn't have worried.  With a shrug, she found a brown shirt and leggings to wear under the part we had and told me, "Don't worry, Mom!  At least I have brown hair. . .and I'm standing in back of someone, and so except for when I say my part, no one will even see me!"  She's a rock star, that one.

This reminds me of a funny, but oh-so-Kate story from the other day:

Kate has been playing soccer this fall and has been loving it.  I think she has converted her identity as a "gymnasticker" to being a soccer player.  In fact, last week she was thrilled when her coach told her after her game that she had played "like a monster"!  They had another game a few days later and she was so excited.  Well, sure enough, the day of the game she came right in the house after her bus ride home, went straight to the toilet, and threw up.  When I went in to check on her, she looked miserable, but the first thing she said was, "Mom, how fast do you think I can get better so I can go to my game?"  When questioned, she insisted that she was only sick because she didn't have enough breakfast and thought she would be fine.  Unfortunately, she continued to throw up, and when we decided she'd better not go, she went in her room and cried for over an hour.  It wasn't until late that night when she finally admitted she had secretly thrown up during the last break at school, but didn't tell anyone because she wanted to go to her game so bad.  And the next morning, she insisted she was doing great!  Why?  Because she wanted to go to school to find out how she had done on her math test.

I love that girl!

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