Wednesday, October 10, 2012

claire turns four!

Claire had a great birthday! 
We started the day off with birthday donuts and a special tea party with her friend Reese.  Two cute princesses, I would say!

This past summer, we noticed (because how could we not notice?) that Claire was struggling a bit. Our normally happy-go-lucky little girl was all the sudden not herself. While at Lake Powell, she mentioned a few times that she wanted to be the baby because everyone wants to hold and play with the baby. Boy! Whenever I have one of those moments when I realize one of my children are not feeling enough love, despite my best efforts otherwise, it hurts my heart a little bit. Courtney and I talked about it and decided that maybe what Claire needed was her very own "hot date" with Mom and Dad. She was thrilled with the idea and looked forward to it the whole day!

For our "hot date" we went to find Daddy some new church clothes (where Miss Claire was the best saleslady in the store, of course) and then to Wal-Mart (sorry, Uncle Shawn) to find Claire a big girl bike!  She knew instantly which bike she wanted, and after a quick spin around the store on her new wheels we were set! 

Next, it was off to dinner and then to the movie theater to see "Brave".  One thing about our Claire at age four (and three, and two) is that she doesn't have a shy bone in her body.  She talks to everyone she sees, and we have to keep a close eye on what she says!  The girls say that we have no family secrets!  While at the movie, Claire stood up, walked up the steps to the only other people in the theater, a mom and daughter.  She had plopped herself down and was discussing the better points of the movie with them before I could retrieve her.

Like all of mom and dad's "hot dates, we ended the night with ice cream.  A perfect ending for our girl!

We sure love our Claire! Spunky and smart, she's our favorite four year old!  We're already looking forward to another hot date!

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