Tuesday, October 2, 2012

lake powell with bop and the boys

Immediately following the WO-JO weekend, we drove to Lake Powell to meet up with Grandpa Bop and the Croney Boys.  We were sad that Grandma didn't get to come, as she stayed home to nurse Nana and Papa.  Since we were driving from Moab, we went a different route than usual and the girls were ecstatic about our ferry drive!

Sam was an instant fan of the water!

The girls were big fans of accompanying Bop to the marina for fuel and ice cream cones.  Here, Claire is wearing hers!

Claire and Daddy SURFED!  Claire was mostly worried about making sure all of her friends got sent a picture of her big adventure.

We made the looooong trek (by boat, that is) to Rainbow Bridge.  I had seen it several times but Courtney and the girls never had.  That part about taking the kids to see Rainbow bridge in real life?  Check.

Of course, Lake Powell wouldn't be Lake Powell without a little bit of cliff jumping.

Grandma always makes sure the kids have a stockpile of glow sticks, which they use to throw off the top of the house boat and then jump in after when it is dark.  This year Ryenne did some fast talking and collected enough to make a floating light stick/water bottle sculpture.  Always the artist, that one.  It was actually very cool. 

Another happy trip to one of our favorite places.  Happy trails, Lake Powell!

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