Thursday, July 28, 2011

tonsil free, day three

Tuesday morning we headed to the hospital bright and early for a fun day of tonsil removal. 
These two got along swimmingly.

The best part of the day was watching Ryenne after they gave her some medicine to make her a little drowsy.

"Everything's not the way it should be," she kept giggling.

The anesthesiologist and nurses were highly entertained by Claire, who, from all accounts, talked their ears off until she dozed off.  She wasn't nearly so happy after her surgery, but after a cuddle with Dad and a quick nap, all was well.

So far, so good.  Yesterday found Claire either very happy or very. . . not happy.  Ryenne is pretty sore but is being a brave little soldier.  I'm quite proud of her as stoicism isn't usually her best gig.  She's being a trooper.  We are basically living off otter pops, popsicles, and apple juice.  (Emmy and Kate are thrilled with the arrangement.  Otter pops for breakfast?  Okay!)

So.  Three days down, seven to go.  (Mr. Doctor keeps telling me to plan on a ten day nightmare and then I won't be disappointed.) 

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Callisters said...

Oh good luck! My Olivia got them out a couple of months ago, I couldn't keep her down for the life of me. Then day 4 1/2-10 was kind of rough because I think the scabs were folling off so when she ate or drank it would burn. You are a brave sole to do two while trying to get ready for your little man. I am so excited for you to have a little boy and all the joys and jumping around that they will bring into your life!!