Friday, July 1, 2011

it's summmmma-time!

I was just remembering this morning about when Emmy was born.  Her middle name is summer, and when we brought her home Kate would walk around talking to and about "Emmmmmy Summmmma".  Anyway, the memory made me smile.

So, this morning Courtney and the gals are headed out camping to none other that the infamous George Creek (aka: the middle of nowhere).  The girls are excited beyond belief.  George Creek means summer.  It means endless exploring with the cousins, playing in the creek, four-wheeler rides, mud and dirt galore, and s'mores.  I can't go because of another commitment, so Courtney is going at it alone.  Good guy, he is.

He and I were laughing the other day about a George Creek story.  A few years ago, we went out west and realized we weren't the only ones who were visiting.  There were mormon crickets.  EVERYWHERE.  It felt akin to the pioneer infestation of 1840. . .whatever that year was.  Ryenne was just a young chick, and she was a bit grossed out/enamored by them.  The best part was that she kept hearing us call them "mormon crickets", and in her mind it came out as just plain 'ol "Mormons"!  She and her cousins spent their days chasing/running away from all the "mormons".  The best moment was when we were climbing into our tent one night and she shined the flashlight up on the tent.  She instantly saw a great big cricket hanging out above our heads, to which she quickly shouted, "Oh No!  There's another freakin' mormon!"  We still laugh about that.

In other news, we've been walking lambs this week.  The Stosich boys have been at Grandma's house, and so we hauled those city boys with us to walk our critters.  Mostly, they were quite impressed.  Kye is pretty sure he wants to own a farm someday.  Kate was dragged by her lamb, which tells me we're back in business.  That happens every year.  More than once.  After a few days of Emmy's "Mary Had A Little Lamb" feeling quite contrary, she actually walked yesterday too.  Kadin was a little grossed out when one of the lambs, um. . . .as he put it "shared the love" with him (ie:  got sheep doo-doo all over his shorts).  Kye wondered aloud what was up with the "goat he was walking," and when the girls assured him it was a lamb, not a goat, he said they were all pretty much the same anyway.  (A few minutes later, he asked why it was Moo-ing so much, so we're thinking he ought to wait a little while before he jumps into the whole farming business).  Oh, and Ryenne's lamb?  Walks like a charm.  That's a first.  Hallelujah.

The rest of our days have been spent at swimming lessons, volunteering at the farm, slave-working the girls, and sewing fun things for Mr. Baby Boy (we have a name picked out, by the way, but I'll talk about that later).  Popsicles, sprinklers, and lazy movie afternoons fill in the gaps. 

Last night, the girls joined all the Croney cousins at Grandma's for the annual 4th of July weekend all-night Night Game Night (hmmm, maybe I could think of a way to write the word "night" one more time in that sentence!).  This activity is provided by none other that party animal Aunt Kerri.  Can I just say that this sister is the same one who fell off her roof last winter, broke her arm in a gazillion places, three or four ribs, and her pelvis in four?  She spent a month in a rehab center, was in a wheelchair for a time, and is now back in the night game business.  It would suprise you if you didn't know her, but it doesn't phase me.  She is so much more of a fun aunt than me, which isn't very hard, but still.  Anyway, the girls will be tired today and satisfied that they accomplished another summer tradition.  I didn't help at all.  I went to bed (and that doesn't suprise anyone).  I'll just add that I'm going to Lake Powell with Kerri in a few days and I'm very afraid.  She's got mucho-mucho energy.  I have none.  I guess we'll make a great pair. 

So.  It's now July and I've updated our days a little.  Pictures to come. 

I love, love, love summertime.  (Oh, and baby boy does too.  He kicks me all the time just to let me know how much fun he's having.)

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