Thursday, July 7, 2011

dear valerie and girls,

Hope you made it back to Brooklyn safely.  Just wanted you to know how much fun we had with you when you came to visit. 

That afternoon will go down as one of the favorites of our summer!  Friends, swimsuits, and sprinklers. . .a perfect summer day!  It was so fun to watch our girls giggling and having fun together.  You are one of my dearest friends- I have so many fun memories of us together.  I'm hoping our girls can have the same sort of friendship.  Wouldn't that be wonderful?   

Oh, and Claire asks me frequently when "Violent" can come over again.  That's the name she calls Violet, and it makes me laugh every time.

Thanks again for the visit.  Can't wait 'til it happens again.  Who knows, maybe one day we can all pack up and head to NYC?  Enjoy the rest of your summer,

Kelly and girls


Val said...

What a fun surprise! Thanks for posting all those cute pictures and for your kind words.. We had so much fun!! You have a beautiful home and even more beautiful children. And yes! I hope you all decide to hop on a plane and come our way. It would be crazily awesome! xoxo

Darcie said...

um, we are jealous. thanks a lot. ;)