Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the girls outdo themselves to make mom smile

A few weeks ago, following dinner, I set to painting the new laundry room.  It wasn't quite bedtime, and so I asked the girls if they would watch Claire while I embarked upon my project.  They were happy to comply. 

Pretty soon, I could tell they were launching a great plan of some kind.  All of the hushed whispers and excited ordering around of younger sisters by the bigger girls gave them away.  But when I went to have a look-see?  I was banned from the kitchen/dining/living room.  This made me a little concerned, but my fears were met by a "Don't worry mom!  You're gonna love it.  We're planning something that is going to make you smile!"

Who can refuse an offer like that?

After I had finished the first coat and Daddy had gotten home, we were invited to the main event.  This is what we found at the grand entrance:

"Yeah, it's a party!"

". . .games!
. . .music!
. . .movie!
. . .popcorn!"

*10 cents to get in.
*don't pull anything down.
*be nice.
#1 RULE:

*Blind Mans Bluff
*Four Corners

The signs were hung throughout the kitchen.  After we had become familiar with the schedule event and the rules of engagement (a must for any party), we were led to the main event.  And oh!  What to our wondering eyes did appear, but the fanciest of festivities to ever take shape in our little 'ol living room. 

The pictures just don't do it justice, but let me tell what exactly went into this little menagerie:
-every inch of every spool of ribbon that I own owned.
-an entire roll of green painting masking tape.
-hanging lantern leftover from Shawn and Kelsey's wedding (which had somehow been found in the recesses of our garage).
-a big 'ol bowl of popcorn

Once my ever-benevolent husband paid my ten cent entry fee, we were led through the be-ribboned curtain into the party room, where we played a multitude of party games as promised, followed by a movie (The Sound of Music, my favorite), and popcorn. Unfortunately, I had to bow out a little early to finish my painting project, but was mighty impressed with the ginormous effort my little party planners had infused into the whole event. 

Just as promised, the whole thing did make me smile.

And as for the party girls?  The celebration (and all of it's subsequent planning) made for a whole lot of sweet dreams.

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