Sunday, July 11, 2010

the wild west

Once again, the W family headed waaaay out west to the land of sage brush and jack rabbits.  Each year (if all goes well) our family takes our annual trek to George Creek to spend a few days in the dirt with the rest of the crew.  This year as we arrived and were getting set up, one of the girls looked at me with a satisfied grin and said, "George Creek is one of my favorite places to take a vacation."  As a mom, I might say the use of the word "vacation" is a bit liberal.  But for the kids, life doesn't get better than being in the wild west (it doesn't get much more wild or west than this place) with all of their favorite things. 

Cousins (and best friends)

Exploring at the City of Rocks
Four wheeler rides
(or trying) to hike this mountain.

All the dirt a  kid could want,
and beautiful sunsets.

Lots of fun.  Loads of mud.  Never ending memories.  Until next year, George Creek. 

We'll be back.

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