Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i changed my mind

I shouldn't be sarcastic.  I really shouldn't.

You know the other day when I wrote a flippant comment about walking lambs being "so much fun I can hardly stand it"?

My words have come back to haunt me already.

We didn't make it up to Grandma and Grandpa's house yesterday morning to walk those little buggers.  Gymnastics, math. . .there's only so much you can do before it gets too hot, and I've noticed a direct correlation between lamb-walking angst and the rising of the mercury.  Their poor little tongues hang out, panting- and they bleat, complain, and slobber on anyone who dares get too close.  The lambs and the girls.  The whole time I'm wondering if we're gonna make it back alive.  So, all things considered, we decided to put it off until evening. 

Last night, as the daylight began to wane, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's, where the lambs take up residence.  Not because we don't have the room here, because we do.  It's just that earlier this year when Courtney and I suggested that we should pen our four legged friends at our house we were met with an absolute rebellion.  It seems that walking lambs, by itself, isn't all that great.  But add Grandma and Grandpa's house in the mix, complete with oreos, hugs, and a quiet, country road?  Therein lies the charm. 

As we pulled into their yard last night, we saw Grandma dragging the hose around the yard.  "Grandma!"  Shortly thereafter, Grandpa was spotted heading from the barn.  "Grandpa!"  Squeals of delight.  Even better, Grandma and Grandpa had grins to match.  "I was just telling Grandma that I sure hoped we'd see our girls tonight," Grandpa remarked. 

After rounds of hugs, kisses, and yes, a few oreos, the whole gang chore-booted up and headed for the lamb barn.  Soon Ryenne and Kate came marching out with their haltered lambs, laughing and smiling.  As they waited at the end of the driveway, we watched as Grandpa pulled, prodded, and dragged Emmy's feisty lamb into the fray.  Emmy followed close behind, carrying a large wooden cane.  We giggled as she wound up with a resounding thwack on it's behind.  Pretty soon she had it moving.  The poor little thing doesn't know what he's up against. 

Claire wasn't going to be left out, so we dudded her up in a pair of too-large chore boots. Holding mine and Grandma's hand she followed behind and we watched the circus make their way up the road.  The breeze was blowing, the air perfect, and we watched as the sun set in a sky of vivid, pink clouds.   Past fields of grain and rows of corn, we watched the tangle of girls, chore boots, and lambs up ahead, and listened as their giggles and Grandpa's corny jokes floated back to us.  At one point, we heard Courtney yell, "Hurry!  Someone grab Emmy's lamb!"  More laughter.   No complaining, no quarreling, just a troop of happy little girls learning a few good life lessons. 

It was a perfect night. 

And this time, I couldn't help but think to myself, "This is a whole lot of fun."

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Darcie said...

kell, i love that you're doing this. what memories the girls will have! i hope you have fair lambs every summer from here on out.