Monday, July 19, 2010

sugar and spice

Because we have four children of the female sort, we get a myriad of comments every time we venture into public.  Many of them come from well-meaning folks who offer up their own parenting experiences on a platter along with a decisive statement regarding which gender is easier to raise.  Surprisingly, our running tally denotes that according to this scientific approach, boys are easier to raise than girls.  The only ones who seem to disagree with this are those who are currently in the trenches raising a boatload of boys.  These parents often cast us wishful glances and wonder at the seemingly easy life of raising sweet, innocent girls.  I suppose it seems to them that while they are chasing frogs and playing referee to endless wrestling matches, we are home sitting serenely with our embroidery, dolls, and tea parties. 

Now, I have a sister who has five boys of her own, and I agree that yes, there are definite differences between boys and girls.  Boy oh boy . . . is there ever.  

However, this guy can tell you that things in his girl-filled neck of the woods ain't all sugar and spice.

Take, for instance, an event as simple as opening birthday presents.  These pictures were taken recently the morning of Kate's eighth birthday. 

Isn't this a sweet exchange?

This next picture captures Emmy singing the "birthday wish song".  During this ritual, the giver gets to hold the present over the receiver's head and sing/yell at the top of her lungs "Heavy, heavy, hang over THY poor head.  What do you wish with a BUMP on the head."  If the recipient is lucky, they only get one gigantic bump.  However, if the giver is so inclined (and they usually are), they may choose to bump the present as hard as they can every. single. word.  We're nothing if not thorough.

Along with the gifts, the receiver sometimes  offers up love notes.   This was one of my favorites of the day. 

By Emmy.
To Kate.
You. rockn.

Following the present bashing, I generally try to get a picture of all the girls together to document how they change from year to year.

This, as you will see, is a piece of cake.

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Attempt #3

Attempt #4
(. . .just before I throw in the towel.)

Now, if you'll excuse me please, I'm off to intervene in the latest bed jumping contest in an effort to prevent another broken arm (yes, we had one of those last week).  It's a hard job, and I can hardly find the time amongst all the tea parties and such.  However, I must not get discouraged.  Right now (I am told this often by the experts), is the easy part.  The sugar, I presume.

They tell us the spice is still to come. 


You see, already we have such an abundance of sweetness and everything nice.   I'm just not sure our taste buds can handle all the rest.

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