Monday, July 5, 2010

happy independence day!

After a big weekend, it's quiet around here. 

After a week with Aunt Haylee and the Mumford boys, Ryenne is off again.  This time, she's celebrating with the Aunt Jodi's Stosich boys.  The ten year old cousins are gathered there to party for Carson's birthday and lots of swimming in Grandma Stosich's pool.  Uncle AJ + 5 Stosich boys + 4 boy cousins + Ryenne and Jodi.  Ten to two. . .the girls are boy trapped, I would say.  I sent her off with a hug and kiss and a reminder that boys won't beg her to play.  She's gotta be one of the boys and just jump into the ruckus.  You know what I mean?   We'll see.

Kate is at Uncle Matt and Aunt Kerri's.  Again, hanging with the boys.  But she likes it that way.

And Emmy?  At Uncle Chris and Aunt Amy's house.  She was so wound up by the time I dropped her off at quarter-after-nine last night that I handed her over and wished them good luck.  That girl.

I also had to call Aunt Jodi and tell her I was rethinking my decision about sending Ryenne after Emmy told me that two of the Stosich boys claimed that Grandma Stosich would not allow swimming suits in her pool.  Emmy got that crazy twinkle in her eye look when she said, "She only lets them wear their ummmmm. .. celebration suits!!!!"   She finished off with a crazy Emmy giggle. 

Aunt Jodi insisted she doesn't know where that came from and promised me that swimming suits (not birthday/celebration suits) will be allowed. 

Courtney is off to work today, which leaves Claire and I.  She's still sleeping, and so it's awfully quiet.  In a few hours we'll head off to join the cousins at the lake, and there will be plenty of noise to go around.

But for now, I'm sitting in my still, semi-clean house.  I suppose that it is ironic that on the day we are celebrating our country's independence, I finally have a little of my own.  Perhaps all of this independence  isn't really my cup of tea after all.

I realize that while peace and quiet are nice for a day or so, my family makes this place a home. The chaos, the spills, and the dirty laundry. It only means I have a lot of people to love.

I like it that way.

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