Monday, July 5, 2010

decorating tip number two hundred and one

Ladies, many of us have at times have been interested in adding interest to our walls.  Perhaps you have limited your talents to merely painting the wall or applying a faux finish?  Prepare to expand your vision with the latest in home design! 

Have you ever thought of using a blueberry/banana smoothie motif?  A new trend in home design, it is sure to complement any theme.  If you are worried about spending the time to make it happen, don't!  It's easy as pie.  Simply blend up a concoction of frozen blueberries, banana, and vanilla yogurt.  Next divvy up the treat into 4 breakfast glasses.  You can be assured of a lovely result by merely answering the phone and heading into the next room to chat while your children (supposedly) drink up the goodness.  Be confident that shortly, your older children will become distracted, leaving the smoothies on the counter.  (Don't worry if you have already warned them against doing this a hundred times!  They are, after all, vital players on your decorating team!)  Left alone, younger child will be thrilled to find a variety of smoothies to choose from.  And with no one to stop her, she can happily waltz into sister's room with her yummy find. 

Now!  The key element is that older sister spy the younger sister out of the corner of her eye!  With a scream of distress, she runs after mother to report the robbery.  Dutifully obligated to teach manners, the mother calmly explains to said child that when mother is on the phone, children are not to interrupt.  Whatever problem child is facing, she will need to work it out or wait until mommy is off the phone. 


"No child, please wait until I am finished."

But Mom!"

(Firmly shut the door to make the point loud and clear.)

Taking it into her own hands, older sister chases after younger sister in top speed.  The culprit will see the oncoming policewoman, and be forced to throw the stolen goods at the nearest wall in an attempt to save herself.  You know the old mantra, "If I'm not gonna have it, ain't no one gonna have it"?  Works every time.

When mother finally finishes her necessary phone conversation, she will be thrilled to find this lovely addition to her home.  While she may initially fear that it will disappear at the first washing, she can be comforted to know that blueberry won't just wipe away!  My fellow home economists, I can assure you that beauty such as this (while a bit troublesome to apply), will add depth and interest to your walls for a good, long time. 

Until next time. . .Happy Homemaking!

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D'Lonna said...

I have decorators at my house too. Who needs those big expensive ones when I get them for free at anytime when I am just too busy!

I love that you took a picture!