Sunday, July 18, 2010

kate turns eight!

We can't believe it, but Kate the Great is officially eight years old! 

To celebrate, we planned a mommy/daddy/kate date as part of our eighth birthday tradition.  A whole day with mom and dad!  Kate has really been looking forward to this.  On Ryenne's eighth birthday, we spent part of the day at Thanksgiving Point for the Tulip Festival, and then went to Temple Square where we watched the movie about Joseph Smith.  When I asked Kate if she might want to do the same thing, she said, "Well, I was thinking that it would be fun to do my very own special thing, so that when I came home I could tell Ryenne, 'Guess what I did today?'"  If you know Kate, you know she thinks through everything, and she had definitely thought through her special day.

And what did she choose?  Lunch on the way to Salt Lake City (chinese, please), followed by an afternoon at the climbing gym.  She did decide that going to Temple Square and watching the movie did sound pretty fun, and so we ended the day with dinner and a movie.  What a wonderful day.  We kinda love this girl.

Turns out that this girl is quite a climber!  We had so much fun!

Of course, the very most special thing about turning eight years old is being baptized.  An official member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

Kate's daddy was more than a little proud to baptize his girl.

And to make it all the more fun?  Kate's best friend Ashley was baptized on the same day!  These two are little peas in a pod.
Such a fun day, and so many people to share it with.
We love you, beautiful Kate! 
Happy number eight! 
(Can you see that handsome guy posing in the background?  Don't tell anyone, but I love him too.)

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