Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ryenne hits the red carpet

This is our first year in 4H, and I'm already a big fan!

Last year, Ryenne started sewing. We are lucky enough to have her former kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Breagger to teach her. She is an amazing mother, incredible teacher, and talented seamstress! She and Ryenne worked throughout last spring and summer making quilt blocks for a quilt. It turned out darling and Ryenne uses it daily! This summer, they and another friend Madi worked hard to sew cute skirts. It was a fun process for Ryenne to pick out the fabric and watch it come together.

To complete the project, Mrs. Breagger (Robyn) helped the girls participate in the Fashion Revue, where the girls have the opportunity to model the skirt for a panel of judges and participate in an interview. Then, later that evening, a fashion show is held for all of the girls entered in 4H throughout the county to show off their hard work. It was such a fun chance for Ryenne to practice interview skills, public speaking, and poise. The leaders did such a great job at making it a positive, rewarding experience for the girls. Ryenne was thrilled to be awarded the "Top Model" award for her age group.

Following the revue, the girls entered their skirts in the fair, where they both earned blue ribbons for all of their hard work. And the best part is, Ryenne now has a darling skirt to wear to church!

Hip Hip Hooray for Ryenne! And three cheers for the 4H program too!

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Darcie said...

Wonderful work Ryenne! You look FABULOUS!

It sounds like I need to look into 4H.