Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Recommended: 1. Going on date with husband. Very fun. Especially when he's so cute.
2. Having a lovely dinner. (Preferable to dine on patio.)
3. Following dinner, try miniature golfing. (Beautiful summer nights are best.)

NOT Recommended: 1. Making bet with husband regarding outcome of golf game.
2. ESPECIALLY when bet involves ice cream.
3. MOST ESPECIALLY when winner gets to choose loser's flavor.
4. MOST EMPHATICALLY when loser is you.

What qualifies me to make such strong recommendations?

Experience. Pure and simple.

Not too long ago, Courtney and I decided to spend our date night playing a little round of mini-golf. And when he suggested we place a little wager on the game, I, feeling confident in my abilities consented. I mean, I have played a grand total of maybe 4-5 games of golf in my lifetime and was feeling pretty confident.

This is the kicker. His little bet stated that the winner chooses the losers shake flavor at Charlies, our favorite ice cream shoppe, following the game. And the loser had to eat it. Being that I take my ice cream fairly seriously, I had to think this through. But as I said, I was feeling fairly confident. And to be honest, deep down I was thinking, "He loves me so totally and completely, that even if I lose, he'll choose a flavor I like."

It didn't take long for me to see that I was in big trouble. Not that I'm not an excellent golfer. Not that at all. It's just that maybe I wasn't "on" that night. You know- busy day, stress with the kids. . .

Turns out that by the 9th or 10th hole, I was scrambling. As he started throwing out crazy shake flavor ideas, I was rethinking our bet. So, I quickly came up with a great idea of my own.

Sweet smile, batting eyelashes. "Wouldn't it be funny to see how you'd do if you golfed from behind your back? I think that would be so much fun to see how good you could do!"

Smart husband picked up on this instantly. "Okay".

If I would sign a disclaimer admitting my loss and agree to fulfill my part of the bet.

So, on the back of our score card, he wrote out his little agreement. And I signed it.


Unfortunately, smart husband picked up on my sly little trick and the deal was off. I lost horribly. Utterly an completely.

And the shake flavor? The one I was so sure he'd tease me about and then in the end order me a hot fudge brownie? Well, about that. . . .

Pumpkin Pineapple. Seriously.

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Heather W. said...

LOL!! Hmm interesting combination. How did it taste?