Monday, September 7, 2009

kate and lily

Kate loves walking lambs. This summer we traveled to Grandma and Grandpa J's house most mornings to walk Ryenne's lamb, Flufflebugs. Because Kate is not old enough to participate in 4H, she didn't have her own lamb to walk. Instead, Grandma and Grandpa arranged for her to walk Evil Tim, her cousin Kylee's lamb. So it went. Flufflebugs and Evil Tim became walking buddies.

As fair time loomed closer, Grandma J had a great idea that would allow Kate to be involved after all. The PeeWee Lead. This is a show and little parade that allows up-and-coming 4H'ers to still get into the action. The fun part is the kids (ages 3-7) dress up in costumes, as do the lambs. Yes, you got that right. AS DO THE LAMBS. And boy, oh boy, is it a sight.

Kate was sooooo excited at the prospect of being involved in the lamb show. During the few weeks before the show, she traded in Evil Tim for Lily. Lily is formerly known as . . . .hmmmm, I can't remember. Anyway, she was Kate's cousin Madeliene's lamb (for her county show), which Grandma and Grandpa bought back for breeding purposes, who is so gentle they allowed Kate to use her for the PeeWee lead, which is when Kate renamed her Lily.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave. . . Friday was the much anticipated day. Kate had been eagerly awaiting the lead for weeks, each day making sure her costume preparations were in order. Grandma J had given her a great theme idea, "Angels and Demons".

Friday afternoon, Kate and Daddy set about washing and currying to make Lily beautiful for the big event.
And when it came time to don the costumes, Kate looked cute as a button.

I'm not sure Lily was too thrilled.
You should have seen the costumes. I was completely taken away by the work that went into this. I bet over 40 kids participated. Some moms must have spent weeks on these costumes! (My mom assured me it must have been thier first child!) I wish I had gotten better pictures of some of the best ones. . .

All in all, it was a successful showing for Kate, who captured our hearts with her enthusiasm and excitement!

Kate and Lily . . .you stole the show!


Melissa Summers said...

LaNette said that every 6 months you make a scrapbook out of your blog. Do you put it together yourself or use a website to do it? Also, how much does it cost?

Darcie said...

That is fantastic! I love it! A lamb in a costume... who'd thunk it?