Monday, February 13, 2012

happy heart day

It's not even Valentine's day yet, and already I am feeling the love. 

Last night we had our traditional Valentine's dinner a few days early, and it was swell.  I can't say that about every day (especially about a Sunday since those afternoons are sometimes anything but swell), but yesterday afternoon was a good one.  We finished up a great round of church meetings, came home and watched some inspirational videos with the kiddos piled on my lap, and then cuddled up with my favorite guy to take a nap.  Turns out, my little man woke up sooner than expected, but I was just as happy to cuddle him while my big man got a much deserved rest.  Even better, Claire took a long nap!  Ryenne too!  The other two gals got along splendidly.  All in all, it was quite peaceful around here.

Once everyone was up and kicking, we started in on chinese dumplings.  Courtney had suggested them for our dinner, making me a deal.  "You buy the stuff, I'll make 'em".  Sold!  (He's turning into quite the homemaker these days.)  This doesn't happen very often, but the night was even better than I'd hoped.  Everyone huddled into the kitchen while we all chopped, stirred, chatted, and stuffed dumplings.  It was a little bit like magic.

I was thinking today that when we have a night that's a little bit like magic, I better write it down.  Not that we're that un-fun all the rest pf the time, it's just hard to find a day when all seven of us are feeling sparkly at the same time.  When that happens?  Magic. 

(In an ongoing effort to be real here, I'll just say that Saturday wasn't quite so magical.  The girls weren't feeling the magic.  At all.  Suffice it to say that Ryenne and Kate ended up spending the whole day in their bedroom.  Together.  Really, all day.  Like ten-hours-lunch-delivered-to-your-room-kind-of-all-day.   If you can't be friends on you're own, well then I'll just stuff you into a 12 x 12 space 'til you figure it out, that's what I say.  And judging by the silly videos I've seen that they made while in purgatory, I'm pretty sure they figured it out.)

Anyway.  Seeing how the big day of love was only two days away, I got up the energy to hang a few hearts (I'm loving the festivity I can create with a 99 cent package of heart shaped doilies).  It took me all of ten minutes and I kind of asked myself why I didn't do it two weeks ago, but really. . .what's the rush?  We donned the table with pink and red paper plates, scattered a few fake rose petals, turned down the lights and Wah-lah!  A party!

Claire was most enthusiastic, shouting, "Yay!  We're having a party!  Happy birthday everyone!"  We all talked and laughed and remembered how a year ago on V-day we made the big announcement that we were going to have a baby.  Now he's here!  And I'm here!  We're all here together and we're oh-so-happy about it.  We don't take being together for granted so much anymore. 

I love this little family of mine.

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