Monday, February 14, 2011

"the best valentines day ever"

Happy Heart Day!

Last night we held our little family Valentine dinner.  Candles, rose petals, and pretty decorations make the girls happy.  Happy girls make me happy.  Happy me makes Courtney happy.

So you see?  Happy family!

Thanks to daddy, we ate the most scrump-deliumptious dinner.  Steak, potatoes, rolls, asparagus. . .he went all out (I've been a little under the weather).  I managed to overcook a cake for the occasion, so I guess I wasn't completely worthless. 

Anyway, it was a hit.  All the girls were so happy, and Kate kept looking at us with the sweetest little face and gushing, "I feel so special".  There's just some things money can't buy.  

After dinner, we played a little Valentine game.  The girls had to each find four of the pink hearts that were scattered all over the house.  Each had a number, so after everyone found all of their hearts (mom and dad had to find one too), everyone had to work together to put them in order.  Once the hearts were all counted, the girls found that one was missing.  After looking all over the house, they all laughed when someone spied the missing heart, safely taped to Daddy's behind!

Now that everything was in order, it was time to read the poem written on the back of the hearts.  We each took turns reading one heart aloud. . .

Roses are red, violets are blue
We're here to tell you a Valentine story
of a love that's so true (you might call it a fairy tale!)

Once upon a time in a kingdom not very far away,
A young boy and girl met and were soon friends to stay.

The young lady thought that boy was quite cute, and better yet?  He was nice to boot!
The boy fell in love with the girl and her smile. . .
before long all could see this pair would last quite a while!

Quite a while is right!  The years quickly passed. . .
through high school, then college, this friendship was meant to last!

For two whole years, while he was off on a mission
They wrote letters each week.  (Wow!  Two years without kissin!)

She went to school to learn all that she could,
She met lots of friends, but not one boy as good.

As soon as they were home you can bet it wasn't long
before he gave her a ring and her heart sang a song!  "Yes," she said!

It was April 3rd, 1998, a day filled with family and fun.
But the best part of all?  This forever family had begun!

Now they were married the two were happy as can be,
 and soon it would get even better!  The family was growing to three!

Ryenne Ashleigh arrived, Mom and Dad fell in love.
Their own little girl sent from heaven above!

Soon three became four when baby Kate melted their hearts.
She was the sweetest little baby- they loved her right from the start.

The four settled in, they thought life was great!
Then surprise!  Along came Miss Emmy- (she just couldn't wait!)

Wow!  Three little girls was so busy and fun-
It was quite a few years before they'd have another one!

After four years of waiting, it was girl number four!
Miss Claire's so full of life- what did we ever do before?

Now Claire's getting bigger, I'll bet you can guess-
Next Valentines Day will be even better than the rest!

For this coming August our family will be growing.
A boy?  A girl?  There's no way of knowing!

Whatever Heaven sends us- we know one thing for sure.
Our family's love is forever- and it grows bigger every year!

Happy Valentines Day girls!
We love you forever and always!

So. there you have it!  Baby number five is officially on its way, set to arrive the middle of August (which makes our 5th August birthday. . . whew!)  We are thrilled with the news, although I can't help but laugh when I see the look on Courtney's face in this last picture!  I think it fits how we both feel- excitement mixed in with a little bit of "oh my heck!"

The girls were beyond excited about the news, and are still telling us "This is the best Valentines Day ever!"   

So happy. . . so in love!  Happy Valentine's Day!


Darcie said...

oh my gosh I love it! That is about the cutest darn way of announcing the big news. I bet it was quite the fun scene to watch your girls figure out the news. :) Congrats again!

Darcie said...

and i have to say, yes courtney's face is funny in that picture, but my favorite is Claire... and you can only see 1/2 her face! :)

Heather W. said...

Kelly you are so clever, what a cute way to tell everyone. Congratulations I hope you are feeling well.

Trisha said...

Congratulations! The girls look so excited.

Callisters said...

Congrats! That is so exciting....