Monday, November 14, 2011

the weekend

Love is nice.

Courtney has been working away a lot lately, which means I miss him.  We all do.  It also means that in my current physical condition (let's face it, it ain't good), I'm kind of a mess by the time he gets home.  For some reason when I get tired, my legs don't work so good.  They're actually getting to the point that I can walk okay when I am rested, but when I'm tired?  I shuffle. 

Lucky Courtney.  By the time he gets home on Friday I'm in shuffle mode.  He's usually coming off a five plus hour drive home and a week of extra long work days.  I'm sure the last thing in the world he wants to do is put me back together again.

But he does.  And he makes me feel like it's a pleasure for him.

Last weekend when he got got home on Friday night, he gave me hugs and kisses and promptly sent me off to bed while he got dinner ready and the girls settled down for the night.  After I'd fed Samuel and fallen asleep, he quietly wrapped up his little boy and made a bed for the two of them in the family room.  Then, without saying a word to me, he fed him during the night so I didn't wake up.  He does this often.  And on Saturday, he ordered me to bed again.  When I told him I couldn't because I needed to make brownies for a family party, he told me, "I can make brownies.  Where's the recipe?"  And he did, despite the fact that he'd never made brownies before.  (They were yummmmy too.)  When I woke up Saturday afternoon, I saw a sign hanging on the door, with strict instructions for the girls to leave me alone.  What's more, he stuffed pillows into all the windows and so the room stayed nice and dark so I would sleep better. 

I'm not sharing this so people think he's perfect.  I'm sharing it because he is kind. 

Kindness is a good thing in a marriage.

When he left to go out of town again on Monday, I thought about him.  A lot.  I thought about what I might do that would make his day a little happier.  When someone does something kind to you, it makes you want to do something nice back.  Kindness begets kindness.

I am positive that a regular doses of simple kindness can do more for a marriage than almost anything else. 

While I understand how important it is for both of us to share the load that comes with raising our family, I think true happiness in marriage is found when we find joy in serving each other without thought of what we might get in return.  I don't think the kindness means as much for either of us if we are keeping a tally.  Love seems to grow best when we do something for one another simply because we see a need and wish to make each other's day just a little bit better.

I'm convinced that there's nothing better than being married to a nice person. 

Try doing something nice for your spouse today. . .just because! 

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