Thursday, November 3, 2011

halloween fun

Since I'm not the most energetic gal on the planet right now, I was relieved that the girls kept costumes pretty simple this year.  With the exception of Ryenne, the girls wanted to wear costumes they already had.  That made me very happy.  Ryenne had her heart set on being a 50's girl, and when my sister found someone who would rent the whole get-up (skirt, sweater, scarf, and glasses!) to us for a mere nine dollars, Courtney said "Sign us up!" 

I thought we had everything in the bag until a few nights before the big day, Courtney asked me what Samuel was going to be.

"Ummm.  Samuel?"  I gulped.  Hadn't exactly thought through that one.  (I don't think through a lot of things these days).

Luckily for us, we had a superman onesie in our repertoire.  I merely had to add a cape, dye some tights, and find a pair of whitey tighteys (except I needed them to be reddy tighteys!).  Ten minutes and wah-lah! 

Superman.  (Or "SuperSam" as we called him!)

We were glad cousin Kalli and friend Hailee could join us for the big night.

Courtney and I dug up our best duds to arrive as the tackiest tourists ever. 

A good time was had by all.  Maybe too much fun, in fact.  I had a pretty hard time prying the girls out of bed for school the next morning.  After a good ten minutes of working on Emmy, she finally sat up in bed, folded her arms and announced, "I'm not going!"  I inspired her, after all. . .oh, the schemes I can concoct with a bit of candy and a little blackmail. 

Happy Halloween!

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Val said...

I need to call you instead of post a comment to your blog.. but this will have to do for now. Thanks for the awesome picture of you and Courtney as tourists. I needed a real good laugh. Then I teared up seeing your family picture on pumpkin walk night. So glad Sam is here and you are here, too. What a good looking family of 7 you make!