Tuesday, November 1, 2011

my babies

A family friend and I were visiting the other day about this journey called motherhood.  This past year she had her sixth baby, and now she feels complete.  With the arrival of Samuel, my business of bringing babies into the world is also finished.  It's interesting, this motherhood is.  We spoke of the contentment we feel, of holding our babies for hours on end because we know how fleeting this time will be.  And because we know there won't be another time like it for us. 

We're moving on to another, equally important stage of our lives now.

My friend smiled happily as she talked of how much she was enjoying her little girl- her last.  We laughed about not getting dressed for days and feeling perfectly content to stay home for the first few months.  These last babies bring a different perspective.  By now, we can see how fast our babies grow.  How quickly they spread their wings.  We are starting to catch a glimpse of their independence, and we know they will too soon leave the nest (how dare they!).  We are happy to milk out our baby days for as long as we can.

But do we love our last any more?  Oh no!  Not for a second.

We both agreed that each baby has taught us something new.  An important, equally valuable life lesson.  And we love each of them for many different reasons, as varied and unique as each of their spirits are.  I am confident that Heavenly Father sent each of my children to me because I needed them, just as they need me.

We are perfect partners, my babies and I.  We need each other.

And I love them all the best.  The first and the last, and all the ones in between.  However and whenever they have joined our family, they have molded me, taught me, and made my heart bigger.  They continue to help me to stretch and grow.

The other day Courtney, the kids and I were snuggled up in bed.  Claire was looking at a picture of me on my wedding day.  "Tell me about your Getting Married Day, Mom,"  she pleaded. 

"It was the first best day of my life," I told her.  My babies looked at me to explain.

My first best day was when I married their dad.  I've been given five more best days of my life in the years that have followed.  As a matter of fact, I figure my ability to love has since been multiplied by five.  Five perfectly unique, made-just-right-for-me little spirits.
I love my babies, and my babies love me.  I feel like I've won the lottery. 

It looks like five is my lucky number.

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Darcie said...

I love this Kelly! Those pictures of you with your first and last are so so sweet. (and did you mean the pun about "milking" these baby days for all they're worth? it made me smile either way).

And uh hum... I do believe your first best day was the day we sat next to each in social work class... :)