Thursday, November 3, 2011

once upon an afternoon

Once upon an afternoon, I had plans.  Take a hot bath and then maybe a nap.   Ohhh, it sounded so nice. 

However, just as I was ready to embark on my vision of loveliness, daughter number one asked if I would pleaaaaase paint pumpkins with her.  I almost declined (in fact I may have a time or two), as I was so very, very tired.  A hot bath and a nap seemed to be just what I needed.

But then?  I remembered something daughter number one had told me a week or so earlier.  "You won't get to read bedtime stories to me forever, mom."

Turns out, I painted pumpkins, after all.

And a lovely afternoon it was. 

As with any good fairy tale, it was not without it's fair share of drama.  (A few tears were shed when little sister joined the party.  And made a mess, much to the chagrin of daughter number one.)  And of course, we must have a villain or two- Me and Me.  This after I laid down the law that allowed little sister to stay and fulfilled my motherly duty of enlightening older sister with my rendition of the importance of kindness. patience, and sisterly love.  How is is possible that I am so very often the heroine and the villain?  Such talent I possess.

I was pleased to discover that pumpkin painting was just what I needed, after all!

That, and a pleasant ride with daughter number four. 

Daughter number one was right, you see.

I won't be able to read bedtime stories forever.  Nor paint pumpkins with excited little girls.  And swinging with my little girl at my side on a beautiful autumn day?  That opportunity won't always be mine, I'm afraid.

And so, my dear daughters:  I conclude this tale with the hope that you will remember that once upon a lovely day in October, we painted pumpkins.  I almost missed it, but I was so glad I did not.  For I will look back and know that for an afternoon, at least. . .

We all lived happily ever after.

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