Tuesday, November 22, 2011

samuel's big day

It's official!  A few weeks ago, we gathered together with family and friends to celebrate Samuel's birth and give him a name and a blessing.  It was a great day. 

Before Samuel was born, Courtney's mom gave me the blessing outfit Courtney had worn as a baby.  I loved the idea of blessing Samuel in it, but we waited so long to bless him that I was afraid it wouldn't fit.  A few days before the blessing, I tried it on him and what do you know?  It fit!  Like a glove!  I laughed that it looked a little bit like it was painted on him, but it fit nonetheless and I loved it.  To top it off, my mom gave me some little blue booties that my great grandma had made for my dad when he was a baby.  That made it extra special (I'm named after my great grandma, too). 

When it came time for Courtney to bless him, he started to fuss a bit just as I remembered that I'd forgotten to feed him.  The only time Samuel ever cries is when he is hungry and when he decides it's time to eat he means business!  I was sure he would cry the whole time, but all those men held him and gently bounced him up and down.  As soon as Courtney began the blessing, he quieted down and didn't make another peep.  It was perfect.

After we'd blessed him and everyone gathered to eat, I just sat and watched.  I became pretty emotional as I thought about the past few months and all of those who have helped us so much.  I was so happy to be able to be there on such a special day, together with all these people who I loved so much.  I was filled to the brim with thankfulness- I couldn't help but cry a little bit and say a prayer to Heavenly Father telling him thank you for all the good things in my life.

Samuel and Uncle Shawn (who I've always thought look a lot alike).

My sweet sister Kerri decorated the tables for me.  She'd called me a week or so before the blessing to see if I needed any help with the tables.  I told her I hadn't even thought about it and probably wouldn't.  Due to everything I've been through and the resultant loss of my brain, I've simplified a whole bunch.  I told her I'd be happy if I remembered to order the food!  So wouldn't you know, she took care of everything and surprised me!  The tables looked cute, decorated with little trucks, backhoes, and little blocks that spelled out SAM. 

We were planning on blessing him at my mom's house, and since she'd just gone through knee surgery, I was planning on getting up to her house to clean.  However, knowing how easily I get tired, Kelsey and Amy made a plan and spent a day cleaning and getting everything ready for me so I didn't have to worry about it.  Sure enough, by the end of that week, I was so tired and never would have pulled it off.  

I don't know what we'd do without our families. 

My two handsome boys.

(By the end of his big day, Samuel was pretty tuckered out.  It's hard to be the guest of honor.)

A wonderful day to celebrate our favorite little guy!


Darcie said...

looks beautiful Kelly! What a handsome little guy Samuel is.

tricia said...

Kelly I am so glad you are feeling better and all is well at your house. Samuel is so cute. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings it makes me want to do better.