Monday, August 22, 2011

birthday girls

Our family has a lot of birthdays in August.  Soon to be five, to be exact.  Being that Claire and Emmy's birthdays are only four days apart, we decided to celebrate them together.  (This seemed like a great deal for Emmy.  Opening presents four days early?  Alrighty!)

(The night before Claire's birthday, Courtney and I were shopping when he spotted this shirt and had to buy it for her.  "Dad Answers To Me". . .the absolute perfect shirt for Claire.  Those two are quite the pair.)

Of course, we started the day with birthday donuts.  (Emmy chose cold cereal for her big day, that's a treat around our house!)

For the big celebration, we invited all the grandparents over for pizza and cake.  Our oven was broken at the time, so Emmy picked out a store-bought cake, we had pizza from Papa Murphy's (cooked in Grandma's oven), and I thought it was the easiest, best birthday party meal ever. 

Part way through the present opening, my mom started laughing at Courtney.  His lap was full of lace, ballet slippers, and princess paraphernalia.  Such is his life!

Our two little princesses!  Emmy had been wanting a princess dress ever since we went to Disneyland (Cinderella, to be exact).  These dresses were a hit! 

Later, Courtney caught this little princess in the act! 

I'm afraid that Emmy's birthday didn't seem too spectacular after having done all the celebrating a few days early.  Ryenne and Kate had a birthday party to attend, so Courtney and I took the birthday girls to the park for a picnic and some summer fun.  The girls had a perfect time playing at the park with Daddy. 

I loved this shot of Emmy and her best guy heading off for a walk. 

Happy Birthday girls!  We love you to the moon. . .and back!

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