Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Since the passing of President Hinkley, I have been doing some thinking on the amazing way Heavenly Father works. I loved President Hinkley and miss him already. What an wonderful man! He and Sister Hinkley are heros of mine and continue to inspire me to "stand a little taller". However, it is so incredible to see how the Lord had everything under control! It has been especially interesting because this whole process is taking place simultaneously with the democratic/republican political campaigns. What a difference!

It has been really interesting to me to listen to media and non-members who study the church and their take on this whole process of ordaining a new prophet. It is just so hard for them to understand how this whole change could take place so smoothly and without anyone having thier own agenda or "campaigning" for the job! Last night they had a woman who was a non-member but has spent her career studying LDS church history. Courtney and I had to chuckle when she was saying something to the effect of . . "it will be interesting to see what direction President Monson will take the church". She also thought the appointment of Elder Uchdorf was a move to give an international face to the church. . . .all very understandable conclusions- if you don't understand how the Lord works through his servants. The older I get, the more I realize that the Prophet doesn't necessarily have a "direction" in mind. I don't think he makes decisions based on the "face" he wants to present. His direction is the Lord's direction. That is a very comforting thought to me.

It has been fun to watch the girls observe this too. Since the night we got the news that President Hinkley had died, Emmy continued asking in every prayer for Heavenly Father to bless President Hinkley. Courtney explained after a few days that President Hinkley is in Heaven now, and that he is happy and doing fine. He told her that it would be good for her to ask Heavenly Father to bless the apostles during this important time. The next prayer she said, she began by saying, "Please bless the . . . ." After a long pause, she said excitedly, ". . .the Nephites!"

Yesterday after they announced that President Monson had been ordained as president of the church, I told Kate that we had a new prophet. She smiled and said, "Great Mom! Who is it?" I told her it was President Monson and she quickly replied, "Yeah! Was that the one who you were cheering for?"

Needless to say, our family home evening lesson was an attempt at explaining how this process works! As I laid in bed last night and thought about it all, I smiled and thought about how miraculous it all is. I am so thankful to have a prophet, who communicates with God and who will guide me and my family. I'm thankful for the way the Lord prepares the apostles and blesses them with the talents and strengths that are neccessary at that current time. Watching this whole process has helped me better understand that the Lord knows what direction he wants his kingdom to go. He knows what is needed, and He works through righteous individuals who are focused on serving Him and able to follow that direction. I realized that because of this testimony, Kate was right. . .I'm already cheering for President Monson!


dippyrooroo said...

So cute, Kelly, and such an inspiring testimony. It feels so good to hear your testimony again, and to see how life and family have matured it. The Lord blessed me with some really great roommates, and I'm so grateful that I can still be associated with you. "Yes, I love technology. Always and forever." (that's a little Napoleon Dynamite allusion, if you didn't get it. I was getting way too serious for a min there!)

Brett & Jenni Belew said...

Hi Kelli.. This is Jenni Burrup (Belew).. I came across Shauna's blog, then I found yours.. I just got into blogging and it is a great way to keep in touch... Take a look at my blog, I would love to hear from you!!! Jenni

Darcie said...

Great post Kelly. I think we'll all never forget sweet Pres. Hinckley, and we should all be so grateful for the order in the church when a prophet passes away. Tell Emmy that the Nephites are lucky to have her praying for them :).

Heather W. said...

Hey Kelly! Thanx for finding my blog! It's been fun blogging and it's easier to let family and freinds know whats going on in our life. Your blog is way cute! Looks like you had a blast on your vacation. I agree it's always nice to come home. Hope that you are feeling well with the pregnancy. I added your blog to my friends list.

D'Lonna said...

Kelly, that was a great entry! thank you for sharing your testimony and cute testimonies of your daughter.