Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If you thought you were having a bad day. . . .

( Kate has started writing in her journal. With her permission, I had to share what she had written the other day. )

Feburey 23 2008
I have wryd that
I wud git sik but It was a blestng
I didint. Git sik. but, I love to
play soccr But my
sistrs are sik.
Ryenne loves Emmy
but not me.
Emmy loves Ryenne
but not me.
Im left owt.
Pr me.


D'Lonna said...
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D'Lonna said...

I love the way kids write!

Tell her she looks really cute in her Christmas boots!

dippyrooroo said...

Wow! What a great writer she is! I think we all feel left out sometimes!

Heather W. said...

Oh that's too cute!! I too love how kids write, they spell it how it sounds.

Darcie said...

Cute Kate. Loved this.

Yes Kell, let's get together for lunch! I would love to see you. Just us, or husbands too? There's some good places in Ogden. What do you think?