Sunday, August 7, 2011

island park

Just a few days after the girls and I got home from Lake Powell, we found ourselves packing our bags again and on our way to Island Park for the highly anticipated WO-JO family reunion.  This year's trip was planned by Grandma and Grandpa, who went all out and planned an exciting agenda complete with a pajama parade, corny joke contest, and tall-tale contest.  The girls were so excited for each of the contests and spent weeks writing down pages of the corniest jokes they could muster up. 

The first night came with lots of laughs as we witnessed the first annual pajama parade. 

Uncle Darrell wowed us all with his multiple costume changes and "silverfish hand catch". 

Of course, Courtney was absolutely stunning in his custom-made mu mu and pigtails.  I could barely keep my eyes off him.  (The leg and chest hair completed the overall look.)

The Mumfords were not to be outdone with their amazing M&M display.  Always going the extra mile, they even bribed the judges -with M&M's, of course!  They looked awesome!

On Saturday, Uncle Caleb took us to Cliff Lake, which was absolutely beautiful! The lake was surrounded by pine trees and filled with the most amazingly crystal blue water.  The kids had a blast playing by the beach, catching craw fish, and even venturing in so far as to swim (brrrr!).  

The highlight of our Cliff Lake adventure had to be the rope swing.  Courtney and Caleb led an expedition of brave kids around the lake and led the way as the gang of them splashed into the water by way of a 30 ft. rope swing.  The kids (including Kate and Ryenne- go girls!) had a blast, and so did the dads!  Later, Uncle Darrell joined the fun too.   

We would love to visit again- what a great place to spend a day!

When the weekend was over, the girls reluctantly packed their bags.  Family trips are never long enough it seems!  What a fun vacation though. . .we're already looking forward to the next WO-JO family adventure!

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