Friday, August 12, 2011

lucky streak

So this is how my luck is going right now.

Our oven is broken.  It has been for a month, but I scheduled three service calls before I actually had someone show up to tell me it's not worth replacing.  Perrrrrfect.

My vacuum won't work.  (I borrowed my moms, and now hers only works when the stars and moon align and you push the handle a little to the left in a just so position while simultaneously vacuuming.)

The roof is leaking.  Oh, and the air conditioner is on strike.

Our washer (bought new last fall after the last fairly new washer bit the dust) decided to quit mid stride yesterday.  I am convinced this happened merely because I have 47 batches of laundry waiting to be washed and I was finally going to get around to washing up those baby clothes. 

If things don't turn around soon, I'm afraid this baby is going to come out with two heads, seven legs, and four eyes.  Oh well.  I mean, really-  think how productive he'll be.

*On a positive note, the quilt I spent hours piecing for the baby is finally quilted.  This comes as good news, as the woman who was machine quilting it for me accidentally used a permanent marker to mark the quilt.  After a mild panic attack on her part (really, what could I do?), and an intensive search, identical fabric was finally found and replaced.  I'm told it looks good as new.  Maybe things are looking up, after all.

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dippyrooroo said...

Oh. my. goodness. That's a pretty good streak you've got going there! It's gotta be up from there, right?