Monday, April 25, 2011

our easter went like this:

-forgot to charge the camera battery, so we hardly took a shot the whole weekend.
-spent saturday at g. jones for a fun bbq and easter hunt-
 all had fun except for handy-man daddy, who stayed home to be a plumber for our new project. . .
 apparently he doesn't like being a plumber.
-woke up at 6:30 am, thanks to claire and emmy.
-found and filled Easter baskets with much, much too much candy.
-thought about how much less exciting our Easter hunts are than those I grew up with.
concluded that it must be the lack of brothers, who could be relied upon to find and re-hide your basket,
find and re-hide your eggs,
stash all the good candy while you found and re-found your basket and eggs,
and then wrestled you to the floor once the candy gathering began,
thus dumping your basket and taking all the good stuff while you scrambled to retain some dignity.
yes, that's what it was.  no brothers.  easter just isn't the same without brothers.
-dad declared that he will be writing the Easter bunny shortly with a request for next year:
less candy/ more fruit.
-didn't even make breakfast for easter morning. 
 or lunch. 
 or dinner, for that matter. 
except for the lunch g. jones let us share, ate candy all day instead.
-attended stake conference. 
barely survived.  (four kids + two hours = long meeting.)
-my philosophy on easter hunts without brothers was confirmed after I spoke with sister-in-law (mother of three boys-no girls), who confided that she feared for her life during that morning's easter hunt.  see?  no lack of excitement at their house?
i told you so.  it's the boys.
-girls looked very cute, thanks to me who sewed such cute skirts. 
 really, if I must say so myself, (I suppose I must)
 they were cuter than the pictures show. 
 (and easy as pie, but I'm not telling anyone.)
-50% of my siblings and my parents deserted us and spent the weekend in lake havasu,
boating of all things. 
without us. 
we thought swear words at them the entire weekend. 
 (really.  Don't they know that disposing of the annual croney easter hunt is a federal offense?)
-visited g. jones to wish a happy birthday.
-were happy as clams to see the Mumford boys, if only for a few hours.
(our four girls plus their four boys get along famously).
-took a nap on grandma & grandpa's couch (me not the girls).
-girls, g. jones, & daddy played pass the pigs, which led to much laughter & interrupted my nap.  grrrr.
-went home, much to the dismay of the littles.
-promptly sent everyone to bed,
(except for one undisclosed sister, who had to unload/load dishwasher for being naughty/overly hyper on ride home).
-cuddled with The Plumber (best part of the day).
-sweet dreams.

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