Wednesday, April 27, 2011

eating outside with the king

A few weeks ago, I was away running a few errands when the girls and their Dad called me to know they were roasting polish sausages (NOT hot dogs, mind you!) that evening and would I like to join them?  Oh, and could I pick up the food on my way home?

Of course, hearing the excitement in their voices, I complied with the request.

Despite the cold, we had a splendid time.  The girls were most impressed with their first introduction to the polish sausages.  In fact, Claire was so enamored with hers, she finally chucked the bun aside so she could fully focus on the meat.  I mean, who has time for all the fluff when you've got a big 'ol sausage in your mitts?

One of my favorite's of the night were the signs the girls made for Courtney's chair.  King Courtney.  Fitting for a a guy who lives with a bunch of princesses, eh?

For now, we can't wait for warm weather.  We're waiting for spring to arrive, albeit not so patiently.  (My personal requirement is more than fifteen minutes of sunshine at a time.)  Until then, I guess we can just pretend it's summertime.  

Here's hoping for many more picnics to come.    

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Darcie said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun. I love spontaneous (and simple!) nights like that. And now you have me wanting bratwurst!