Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dear ryenne

(beautiful pictures taken by our super talented friend, Nicole.  You can see more of her work here.)

Miss Ryenne,

Yesterday you turned eleven years old.  Eleven years!  I can hardly believe it.  What's more, you are starting to look so grown up that I can no longer deny that you won't stay my baby forever.  My little girl?  Always.  But not my baby. 

I love to see what you are becoming.  I love your sense of humor.  I admire your kind heart.  I appreciate how hard you try to do the right thing, and although you make mistakes (who doesn't?), you are really trying.  I can see that and I love you for it. 

I am growing also as I watch you face difficult situations and overcome challenges.  I've always told you that you can do hard things, and the older you get, I see that you can.  What's more, you are doing hard things much more gracefully than I ever did.  You teach me every day.

Speaking of being graceful, you are in every way.  I love to see you dancing around the house, whether it be in your leotard or pj's.  You have a beautiful, graceful way of moving and I think it's so fun to watch. 

You are such a help to Dad and I.  With almost four little siblings, you are dependable (becoming more so all the time) and smart.  So, so smart and capable.  We count on you for so many things and don't know what we'd do without your help. 

We love you.  We love your infectious giggle, your corny jokes, and your beautiful green eyes.  We are a little bit in awe of you.  After all, you were the first little baby girl we ever brought home.  At the time, it seemed you'd be tucked safely away in our nest forever.  Now we see you beginning to stretch your wings and realize it won't be long before you fly away on your own.  While we know that great adventures lie in wait for you, we want to hold you close as long as we can.  That's just because we love you so much.

We want nothing more than for you to be happy.  Confident, and kind.  A beautiful Daughter of God, who knows who she is and where she is going.  Best of all, that's just what we see you becoming.  A little too fast for our liking, perhaps, but wonderful just the same.

Bloom where you are planted, Ryenne girl.  

I love you,

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Darcie said...

so sweet Kelly. And Ryenne is a beauty, she's really so cute.