Monday, April 18, 2011

making messes

After much deliberation, we have finally come to a conclusion about our laundry room/ mudroom situation.  Basically, here is our situation. 

It's a mess, always has been.   Mudroom/pantry/furnace room/laundry room/ utility bathroom/Courtney's office.  Phew.  It makes me tired just thinking of everything we have to fit into this space.  Too few cupboards, no counter tops, and a door every two feet.  We've examined every possible layout for cabinets, tried everything we could think of to make it into a more effective space. 

But now, Now! we have a solution!  While we don't have the cash to tackle the whole project at once, we are embarking on a halfsies kind of project.  Half now, half later.  (Who knows when later will be).   

Before:  This is the cutest little half bath you've ever seen. 

So, so cute.  Only it's never been used.  Not once in eleven years.  It lies at the end of our dark, dungeon of a hallway and has been used instead as a storage room.  It's one of those open the door, throw it in, and quick-as-you-can- shut-the-door-so-you-can-forget-about-it kind of room. 

No longer, my friends.

Last weekend Courtney ripped out the toilet, sink, trim, and such.  By the end of the week, I  hope this bathroom is alive in my memory only.  My cousin Jonnie is arriving this morning to finish off the job, remove our bench next door, and knock out the walls, moving them into the utility room to make the space bigger.  Eventually, the utility room will become a craft/office room, with a small addition of a mudroom.  I'm thinking that it will be a bit like heaven if it ever happens.  I've spent years trying to think of a solution to our messy dilemma, and we're banking on this being the ticket. 

We spent Saturday making messes and if all goes well, by the end of the day we'll have an even bigger mess. 

Late Saturday evening, as I boxed up the cupboards in the utility room and Courtney swept up the remains of his demolition, we decided that we are really, really good at making messes.  Since we've been married, we've made somewhat of a career out of it, actually.  Three major remodels (while we lived amongst the mess), a major yard overhaul (looking so good but yet to be completed), and a gazillion other projects.  I could spend a week just posting our before and after pics of all our messes. 

We thrive on it, I suppose.  Makes us giddy.  Always dreaming, concocting, and imagining what could be.  Lucky for me, I've got a guy who is most capable of putting it all back together in a real spiffy way.  Handy, he is.  And I love my handy man- everything about him.

Even- no, wait!  Especially his messes. 

Have a happy, messy Monday.

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