Monday, May 3, 2010

too much of me to go around

This morning we are heading to Logan to run errands.  Emmy loves running errands with me.

Just kidding.  She hates it.  Which is actually a little funny to me, because any other opportunity to leave the house is interpreted by her as being a great adventure.  (Just one more uniqueness about that gal that eludes me.  I'll be forever trying to figure her out.)

The difference, I've decided, is me.  Running errands involves me.  So does every other day in her life, which makes it so much less exciting.  Embarking on a day of work errands with Grandpa?  Nothing better.  Going with Grandma C. to take Nana and Papa to the doctor?  Wonderful.  Visiting Grandma T, J, or Aunt Andrea?  Fantastic. 

A day on the town with Mom?  BOR-ING. 

So you can imagine her dismay at hearing we will be shortly heading out to attack my shopping list. (Seems we're out of just about everything.)

The conversation went like this:

Emmy:  "Can't I stay at Grandma Tams?"

Me:  "No, not today.  You can ride with me.  It will be fun!"

Emmy:  "Whyyyyy can't I call her?  I don't want to go to Logan?  (pause).  Can I call Andrea?"

Me:  "No.  You can come with me."

Emmy:  "Whyyyyyyy can't I stay with Grandma?"

Me:  "Because I don't want to leave you.  I'll be leaving you tomorrow while I go on a field trip with Kate (at Emmy's request).  And this weekend Mommy and Daddy will be leaving you for a few days.  So I don't want to leave you today.  I want you to be with me."

Emmy:  (Pause).

 "Will I see you tonight?"

Me:  "Yes."

Emmy:  "Will I see you after the field trip tomorrow?"

Me:  "Yes."

Emmy:  "So, I will see you today.  I'll see you tomorrow.  And the day after that!  And the day after that!  What's the problem with that then?  I'll see you today!  I'll see you tomorrow!  I'll see you the day after tomorrow!. .

. . .Besides I can always call you. 

Can?  I?  Please? Go?  To?  Grandma's?  House?"

She doesn't know it yet.  But she's gonna miss me desperately

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tacomamajen said...

you are so funny. Miss you guys