Friday, May 21, 2010

the yellow make-up strikes again

Dear Cousin Daniel (one of our favorite babysitters),

We love you.  We love when you babysit.  But due to obvious circumstances, we regretfully request that next time you babysit us you don't put any makeup in your suprise bucket.  Don't get me wrong, Emmy loved it very much.  In fact, I understand she was so excited by her choice from your wonderful bucket that she was inspired to go to bed so she could recieve her prize in the morning.  (That, my dear Daniel, is quite an impressive feat all by itself.  Thank you!)  She will be much saddened when she learns the afore mentioned prize has gone the way of the garbage truck.  Thank you for your cooperation.  My sanity may yet be preserved, after all.  However, that cannot be guaranteed. 

All my love, Aunt Kelly


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a little yellow ompa loompa? sp?