Wednesday, May 5, 2010

big ten

My little Miss Ryenne is suddenly becoming not so little. 

Ten years old? It doesn't seem possible.

I have this little voice that keeps reminding me that before long, I'll be saying "Twenty years already?  It can't be possible!"  I want to remember what life was like during our first decade with Ryenne Ashleigh.

1.  Ryenne is fun. 
2.  Ryenne is funny.  I love being able to watch her grow into her personality.  The other day Courtney and I were laying in bed and laughing about something funny she had said.  It's exciting to see her go from little girl "cute" to big kid/adult humor. 
3.  Ryenne is dramatic.  Always has been , always will.  We experience tears, bed flopping, and door slamming on a semi- regular basis.  However, the door slamming has decreased dramatically.  When she slams her door, she loses it.  Turns out- she likes doors.  This past year, Ryenne has came a long way in learning to control her emotions. 
4.  Ryenne is smart.  She loves learning for the sheer joy of learning.  This is especially true with anything in nature.  She devours knowledge about animals, rocks, flowers, the sky. . .and she'll remember it!  She is always bringing home books from the library about the Earth and it's creatures.  This morning she was walking around trying to read a book titled Rocks and Minerals, while getting ready for school. 
5. School can be hard for Ryenne, but she can do hard things.  Fourth grade has been really good for Ryenne.  Whereas we used to have daily tears about homework, she is learning to dig in and get it done.  And reading?  Right now she is loving the Harry Potter series and has zoomed through the first five books.  She was just saying the other day that until this year, she had a hard time finishing a book- typically she'd lose interest before she would ever finish.  Not now!  Most nights we have to close her book for her so she can get some sleep.  Yay- I have a bookworm!
6.  Ryenne wouldn't mind being a little girl forever.  We often tease the girls that we are going to "put them in a jar" to keep them from growing.  Ryenne is actually in favor of this idea, although she is a bit concerned that it might get a little "squishy".
7. This girl of mine has a fantastic imagination.  She is creative, artistic, and very fun to have around.  She rarely, if ever, tells me she is "bored" and comes up with the greatest ideas.  Her idea of a perfect day is one where she can stay home all day with absolutely nothing on her to-do list.
8.  Ryenne is beautiful!  She was born with a head full of thick, black hair.  Who would have guessed she'd turn into a strawberry-blonde, green eyed gal?  Her dad always says he hopes his girls are a bit homely until they turn twenty-one.  I may be a little biased, but I think he's out of luck. 
9.  Ryenne is a builder.  She loves building and creating, whether it be with an object or people.  She is kind and thoughtful with others and doesn't like to see someone sad or left out.  (Of course, we see exceptions to this at home with sisters sometimes, but Courtney reminds me it's all part of the growing. . !)
10.  Ryenne is a good girl.  She wants to be good.  We are having the best time watching her learn how.  And best of all?  She is ours. 

Happy Birthday, Ryenne girl.  We love you more than all the stars in the sky. 

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Darcie said...

She is such a pretty girl! One whole decade old... wow!