Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yesterday went like this:

I started off at 5:00 and headed for a swim.  First day of my triathlon training schedule and I was determined not to miss a work-out.  Swim in the morning, run at night.  It was going to happen, no matter what.  So I hurried into the pool, did my not so hurried laps, hurried back home so Courtney could trade me places. 
Hop in the shower, hair into a ponytail.  Think about how Claire has suddenly decided she is almost two years old.  Realize that we haven't been in this stage for a while and wonder about the best way to handle the tantrums and newfound desire for independence.  Dress, scriptures, wake the girls.  Once again announce to Emmy that we had errands to run.  Announce to Emmy that no, she could not go to Grandma's house and that really, I'm not so bad. Put Claire in time-out.  Explain that we don't scream to get what we want.  Quickly create four hairstyles, put Claire in time-out.  Explain that we don't scream to get what we want.  Feed the gang, kiss husband goodbye.  (I like it when I can do that on a Tuesday morning).  Load everyone up and head to the bus, which we make in time, YEAH!  Drive home, feed Buddy, and attempt a quick clean-up.  Put Claire in time-out.  Explain that we don't scream to get what we want.  Wipe up the counters and it is time to go to Logan.  Realize Claire is awfully quiet.  Check on Claire.  Find her in Emmy's newly acquired (from the dollar store), neon yellow make-up.  Remember that I hate when my children acquire play makeup.  Try to gingerly wipe the makeup out of Claire's piggy tails.  Realize that "gingerly" ain't going to cut it.  Fill the tub.  Stick Claire in, soap her up.  Realize that soap ain't going to cut it.  Wonder what people will think about my cute little girl with a neon yellow forehead.  Up my game.  Use my favorite, (not from the dollar store) makeup remover.  Scrub.  Scrub, scrub, scrub.  Pale yellow will have to do.  Replace the piggy tails. Off to Logan.  Stop at DI.  See that Claire has pulled out her piggy tails and looks like an orphan child with her stringy, wet hair and yellow face.  Oh well.  Hope for wonderful, cheap bike for Emmy.  Find cheap, but not so wonderful bike for Emmy.  Decide to keep looking.  Head to paint store.  Claire smells.  Change her diaper, only to find that we have is an unfortunate bit of "cheeky-leaky".  Mmmmm.  Attempt to change her diaper without getting you-know-what all over the car.  Partially succeed.  Use her big sister's pants as a back-up.  They look like big sisters pants, but it will have to do.  It only adds to the orphan look.  Again, oh well.  Head to garden store.  Promise a treat from the bread store if everyone is happy.  Make it through two aisles when I realize that happy is not going to happen.  Buy the treat anyway.  Visit with senior couple who tries to pretend my kids are well behaved and do not look like orphans.  Appreciate the kind comments and genuine smiles.  Tell myself I'd like to be that kind of person when I grow up.  Load everyone into the car and a find a garbage for smelly diaper..  Head home.  Lunch.  Nap for Claire.  Sigh of relief.  Start to clean the utility room, and realize that it has reached such a state of messiness that I can only attack on area at a time.  Today?  I choose the bathroom.  Note to self:  do not ever let it get that messy again.  Hang up my toilet brush in time to get the girls from the bus.  Head to the flower store.  Emmy talks me into buying one gazillion flowers.  I agree, they are all much too pretty to pass up.  Return home.  Unload our purchases and gaze at empty garden boxes- my blank canvas.  Ponder, ponder, ponder.  Finally, make a plan.  Start the hose.  Claire loves the hose, and giggles at each drop.  The girls climb the tree nearby and I think how I can't wait to have them all home again for the summer.  In fact, it almost feels like summer for a few magic hours.  Sprinklers, dirt, and bare feet.  Claire is too much help.  Everyone is.  Cucumber seeds scatter without a plan and I announce that I can only have one garden helper at a time.  Daddy arrives home from work.  (I like when that happens on a Tuesday).  Daddy takes Emmy with him up to Grandma and Bop's house to do some backhoe work.  Emmy announces to Grandma that everyone else was home helping with the garden, but Daddy asked her to come along so he could get done faster.  Grandma smiles.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ryenne feeds Claire and puts her to bed.  I thinks how nice it is to have helpers.  (Later I find a pajama-less Claire asleep in bed.  But hey, she's asleep, isn't she?)  Ryenne joins Kate and I in the garden.  I retract my two-at-a-time rule. In fact, I learn these two are gardening champs.  We make a system: I lay it out and they plant it and mark it.  What took a whole day last year is done in two hours.  Three cheers for my girls.  Water each garden box one more time while the girls fix themselves a peanut butter sandwich.  The girls beg to sleep in the playhouse.  I relent.  After all, it's almost summer, right? Shoo them off to bed and welcome home Emmy and Courtney.  It is now 10:00.  Again, I think to myself that it feels like summer.  Completely irresponsible.  I love it.  Feed them cold cereal for dinner and Emmy is in heaven.  Say my prayers and climb into bed at 10:45.  Cuddle up next to Courtney and think to myself, "What a good day.  Best I've had in a while."

Oh, and that run?  The one that was going to get done "no matter what"?  I'm learning something about that.  In the life I am choosing, the one where I grow both kids and flowers, vegetables and laughter, and where both love and chaos abound? 

There really isn't such a thing as "no matter what," after all.     


Darcie said...

loved this post kelly. :)

tacomamajen said...

Kelly I loved reading this. You are such a great & wonderful mom. You are awesome!