Sunday, July 7, 2013

soccer kate

Kate has taken quite a liking to soccer.  This past Spring, we couldn't find a girl's team for her to play on, so she decided to play with the boy's league.  I was a little worried that she might be a little intimidated or left out, but I should have known better.  She got right in there and played her heart out.  She loved it, and actually decided to continue playing with the boys in the fall even though there is a girl's team she could have joined.  She said she feels like playing with the boys pushes her a little harder.  The boys were such great teammates for her. 
We had to laugh though, at one game when a boy from another team asked her, "Aren't you supposed to be playing with the girls?"  She and her coach laughed about it and decided she should have responded with a "I thought I was!" comment!   

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