Tuesday, June 4, 2013

books on the road

Funny enough, one of our favorite memories of our Hawaii vacation were the books we read as a family.  On long road trips, I usually try to find a book or two to read aloud.  This time, our good friend had recommended a few of their family favorites, The Pink Motel and The White Indian Boy.  The girls loved both of them, but especially The White Indian Boy.  Courtney had downloaded an app to our phones that made them work as a microphone and so everyone in the car could hear easily while I read the book.  It worked like a charm.  There were a few times when I was reading that everyone almost wanted to keep driving so I would keep reading!  We would definitely recommend both books and hope to purchase them so we have them for keeps! 

Another fun memory is when Kate and Emmy decided to voice record some books for Claire that she could listen to on the car and plane rides.  We had brought a collection of Curious George stories, and so the girls used our phones to make videos of the stories for her.  We laughed at this sign they would hang outside their bedroom while they filmed!

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